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Science Golden Energy created a sustainable energy cogeneration system through hydrodynamics, the system produces flow of energy, high speed, density and pressure, in a circular system, capable of converting kinetic energy into mechanical and then electrical. The system is compact and works in any flat location. Produces continuous energy, 24 hours, 365 days, with 200 thousand guarantee hours. It is protected by PCT – Patent Cooperation Treaty covering 156 countries. It brings together state-of-the-art technology, IoT, sensors, and remote control imaging management systems. Advanced Power ScienceGolden meets the demands of:

sustainable energy


Advanced Power Science

APS is a reversible hydroelectric power plant, involving the latest advances in hydroelectric technology, producing clean, continuous, stable energy, anywhere. This report presents its operating system, its technology, its differentials and importance. It highlights the flexibility of the unit, the hydraulic design combined with consolidated equipment throughout the planet, the high technology of digital energy processing, and essentially its ability to produce sustainable energy, fully decarbonizable, without any socioenvironmental impact.

Power into demand point

APS injects power into the demand point, relieving transmission and distribution networks. Therefore, it minimizes existing losses. Allows the sizing of the energy delivered through the “Behind-the-meter” model, independently and transparently. Above all, it produces high quality energy, fully harmonic, stable, digital.

For a better world

It is an important solution for the production of electricity throughout the planet, without damage to the environment, without contaminants of any nature, without structural interference, freely and independently. It differs by the shorter deployment time, flexibility, constancy and quality


▪ Clean energy without any socio-environmental impact
▪ Flexibility to install, at any point, dry and flat, of the planet
▪ Production constancy, 24 hours, 365 days
▪ Quality assurance for more than 200,000 hours
▪ Delivery at the point of consumption, relieving the distribution system
▪ Energy measuring system: Behind-the-meter
▪ High-quality, harmonic and stable energy
▪ Promotes development at the desired speed

Solar Energy

Eolic Energy

Hidraulic Energy



Green Hydrogen

Geotermic Energy

Syngas Energy

Holistic engineering

Today, a thriving technology company can be disrupted and shut down in the blink of an eye. The development of many different technologies, which used to take years, can be done in months or weeks. There are also some examples where engineering work is fully contained in an engineering company or organization.
Business strategies have evolved. The analysis of competitive forces in an industry has matured to include the concepts of disruptive and dystopian innovation. In an ecosystem characterized by rapid changes in technology and the way it is developed, an engineering R&D organization will quickly become irrelevant if it cannot maintain the pace of innovation needed to succeed.

Successful managers create a solid foundation of a common culture that enables learning, value creation, diversity, and inclusion. They create organizations that strongly connect the core engineering functions of strategic planning, research, and development and are able to understand and drive a broader R&D system that extends far beyond the boundaries of their own organization. Doing all this to extract the greatest value in the shortest time is holistic engineering management.